Your flight going home just got canceled. What do you do?

Person booking flight
Person waiting in the airport
Person skiing down a mountain
Person talking with a flight worker

You are planning a picnic with your friends. What do you do?

Picnic at the beach
Person walking into the sunset
Person walking with a picnic basket

You have an assignment due next week. When do you do it?

Person working on an assingment
Person working at home at a desk
Person working at night at a desk
Person getting help from a tutor

Your boat crashes, leaving you stranded on an island. What do you do?

Person climbing a coconut tree
Person sitting on a beach
A shelter made of sticks
Person crying on a beach

You want to go to your friends house, but your parents will not let you. What do you do?

Person talking with a parent
Person on their laptop making plans
Person climbing out of a window
Person talking with a friend

Your car breaks down in the middle of the road. What do you do?

Person sitting by broken down car
Person trying to fix a car
Person trying to fix a car
Person upset in a car

You are in a group project. What role do you take?

A group of people working on a project
Person doing work at a desk
Person working at night
Person yawning while doing work

You get in a big fight with a family member. Who is it with?

Person fighting with sibling
Person happy with sibling
A family fighting at the table
A child fighting with their parents

Your result is ...